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Resonant Memory
New Orleans Installation
Resonant Memory
New Orleans Installation
Salvaged material, arduinos, sound and interactive elements

Resonant Memory is the culmination of a partnership with New Orleans Airlift, the Georgia Institute of Technology and Goat Farm Art Center. The partnership began with a multi-disciplinary course in Musical Architecture that brought together the graduate students from Architecture, New Music Technology, Human and Computer Interaction, and Industrial Design in Spring 2014.

In the fall of the same year Airlift brought local Atlanta artists George Long and Justin Rabideau into collaboration with a committed group of Georgia Tech students including architecture students Takuto Osawa, John Stenzel and Tyler Smith, Industrial design student Mauricio Uruena on our design team. Recent graduates Andy Pruett and Ziwen Fan were on the music technology team along with Atlanta geniuses Myron Lo and Hiron Roy. Together they realized some of the spring's muscial architecture prototypes into a fully-fledged musical house. Also joining the partnership was Goat Farm Arts Center, who hosted the build of the project and the debut of Resonant Memory at their annual art induced Halloween extravaganza. The house then moved to the Georgia Tech campus for student interactions and on campus concerts. Ben Coleman acted as musical director, working with our tech team to create samples, and as conductor of the intitial concerts at Goat Farm and Tech.

Resonant Memory uniquely combines acoustic sounds with digital technology to create loops, play samples and generally burst froth with noise from its doors, windows, and kiosk-like wings. As a musical instrument it can host one person or 10 people as players. It was wonderful to see the commitment of so many people bringing this house to life. George Long was a team leader, working with the design, music and technology collaborators to realize a fantastic new edition to our musical architecture project. Built to be transportable, Resonant Memory returned to New Orleans to become an inhabitant of 2015's Roving Village Residencies.


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